I am a Senior Instructional Technologist working at a 4 year university in the NYC area.

In my role teaching teachers, I develop a wide range of technology resources for faculty and teach them best practices in using technology-based teaching methods and materials. I am also a Blackboard Administrator and am part of the Distance Learning team that helps to design and create online courses. 

Over the past six years I have given engaging workshops, presentations, and talks on a wide range of topics such as €œDesigning Effective Presentations, €œFostering Discussions and Community€ and €œCollaborating on the Web: Transforming Teaching and Research in Higher Education.€  I strongly believe in collaboration and sharing resources, and the 98 slidedecks I have posted online total almost half a million views.

I have broad experience in helping faculty develop interactive lessons and activities both in the face-to-face format as well as online. I am well versed in every aspect of filmmaking including producing, directing, filming and editing video. I have extensive experience working with faculty to create flipped classes and I have a deep understanding of digital pedagogical methods and their potential to improve learning outcomes. 

Prior to working at the higher-ed level in starting in 2008, I taught high school math for ten years.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

I am also the author of The EdTech Bible: Everything You Need To Know About Teaching and Technology.” In this well-received volume, I share my experience and expertise along with resources that will inspire teachers of all levels to explore using technology to develop engaging, original, and satisfying classroom experiences.  



  1. First off, where’s the EdTech Bible, I love this!! I am eager to see this.

    Second, I’m mid-career and in grad school for edtech (Boise state). I used your love map image and wanted to let you know. I hope I attributed it right! Thank you! I used it here (http://fightthefourhorsemen.blogspot.com/2015/04/week-1.html), as part of an exercise for a couple different things. I am not a school teacher, I am in the private sector, so I’ve had to be creative in projects, so this is a learning project for my children I am in the middle of building. Thank you!

    • Hi Michael, Sorry for the late reply, I don’t blog much so it’s been a while since I’ve been on wordpress…

      Thanks!!! I’m hoping to have the first version out by this summer, fingers crossed 🙂 If you’d like an update on when it’s released you can subscribe on TheEdTechBible.com… As soon as it’s up on amazon I’ll use that list to send out a notice…

      That’s great!! I think it’s an exciting time to be in the field of edtech- challenging but lots of opportunities… Are you on Twitter? I’ve found Twitter to be one of the most useful parts of my PLN… there’s some info here: https://treglia.wikispaces.com/Twitter… I’ve found that there are many, many educators using this social network– if you do wind up trying it out let me know 🙂

      The attribution is totally fine, thanks for the link… Yeah, I would imagine it’s a little tough not being in the classroom while pursuing a degree in education- but good job on coming up with a neat project.

      Thanks again,

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