Augmented Reality

My colleague Lindsay Karp and I co-presented the following session at Campus Technology 2015.

Augmented Reality: Fad or Profound Tool for Teaching and Campus Life?

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology trend that faculty and schools are beginning to explore to improve student engagement in the classroom and on campus.  AR can be used to add interactive elements, such as hyperlinks, audio, and images, and video to textbooks or other objects of study as well as offices and university buildings.

In the classroom
Learn how to use AR to facilitate active learning, support peer-to-peer learning, and engage students with course materials in a new way.

On campus
AR can be used, for example, to overlay information about university buildings, such as which offices are located inside, and points of interest, such as a brief history of the oldest tree on campus.

Discover the easy-to-use software you need to create an augmented reality experience on campus!

Link to slides used



Augmented Reality: Facts and Figures
Aurasma Turns One Aurasma: Fastest Growing AR Platform
iOS apps for AR Learning
Augmented Reality Wearables Options

Articles and Blog Posts


Flip through Kristen’s Flipboard on Augmented Reality for the latest articles and blog posts about AR


Aurasma (Aurasma Studio- browser to create personalized auras), Wikitude
Word Lens
Accrossair, Pressaid TunnelVision TagWhat Wikitude
Battle App
Anatomy 4D
Star Walk

Additional Resources

Tech Trends in Education

About Kristen

Kristen is a Senior Instructional Technologist at Fordham University. She develops a wide range of technology resources for Faculty, teaching them best practices in using technology-based teaching methods and materials. Kristen is an engaging speaker and enthusiastic organizer, marshalling resources dedicated to training and assisting Faculty. Over the past six years, Kristen has developed and implemented training curricula on a wide range of topics such as “Designing Effective Presentations,” “Fostering Discussions and Community” and “Collaborating on the Web: Transforming Teaching and Research in Higher Education.” She believes strongly in collaboration and sharing resources and is well versed in social media and web2.0 technologies. Her online slidedecks have totals approaching half a million views. Kristen has worked at Fordham since 2008. Prior to working at the higher-ed level, she taught high school math for ten years. Kristen is the author of The EdTech Bible

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