Flipped Classroom

My colleague Lindsay Karp and I co-presented the following workshop at Campus Technology 2015.

The flipped classroom is a major part of current higher ed discussions and an emerging practice that has begun to be adopted on a large scale.


#flippedlearning on Twitter

Section One:  Making the Most of Your Class Time

“If your lecture is pre-recorded and watched outside of class, how can you use that freed-up time in class to improve student learning?” 

10 Courses With a Twist, Laura Pappano, NYT, 4/8/14

Looking for ‘Flippable’ Moments in Your Class, Barbi Honeycutt, Faculty Focus, 3/25/13

6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom, Jennifer Demski, Campus Technology, 1/13

How I Flipped My Classroom, Michelle Pacansky-Brock,  Slideshare, 3/313/12

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy According to Seinfeld (video)
Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (wiki)
The Pedagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington
Kristen’s Bookmarks on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Active Learning Techniques in the College Classroom

Classroom Activities for Active Learning  Center for Faculty Excellence, UNC (PDF)
How can you incorporate active learning into the classroom?  Center for research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan (PDF)
Arthur F. Thurnau Professors/ Engaging Students in the Classroom and BeyondCenter for research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan (Videos)

Does Active Learning Work?  A Review of the Research, Michael Prince, J. Eng. Education, 93(3), 223-231 (2004).

Part 2 – Practical Application of Flipped Class Techniques

Through a hands-on learning opportunity, faculty will explore planning class activities that support deeper learning in conjunction with developing the pre-class video lectures and assessment strategies.

Peer Learning

Peer Instruction for Active Learning- Eric Mazur (video)

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer:  Eric Mazur (video)

4+1 Interview: Eric MazurRobert Talbert, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/11/14
Twilight of the Lecture, Craig Lambert, Harvard Magazine, 3/12

Quick Start Guide to Flipping your Classroom with Peer Instruction, Julie Schell, Turn to Your Neighbor: The Official Peer Instruction Blog, 1/15/2013

Part 3 – Effective Video Recording for Flipped Classrooms

Creating Khan Academy style videos

Create Khan Academy Style Video Tutorials with ScreenChomp via Digital Inspiration:  Tech á la carte
How To Screencast Like The Khan Academy via Teach Thought

Additional Slides and Handouts

Video Filming and Audio Guidelines (PDF)

Recording Audio Tips, Slideshare, Kristen Treglia, 3/14/13

Blank Storyboard form (doc), Blank Storyboard form (PDF)


Educreations (iOS, free)
ScreenChomp (iOS, free)

Nearpod (iOS/Android, free)

i-Prompt Pro (iOS,free)

Realtime Board (browser, free)

Polleverywhere (browser)

Creating Google Forms

Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder (Android, free)
Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder (Android, free)
Pocket Wavepad (iOS, free)
Audacity (iOS/Win, free),  Tech Tips:  Audacity (PDF)
The Best Voice RecorderBryan Gardiner, The Wirecutter, 8/15/13;  Sony ICD-AX412 on Amazon

Windows Movie Maker (Win, free)
Quicktime (iOS, free)
iMovie (iOS, free)

Tubechop (browser, free) You can link to the clipped video or embed it
Keep Vid  (browser, free) Downloading YouTube videos;  note, be careful to click the “Download” button next to where you past the URL– the big buttons are advertising!

Sothink Video Converter (Win, free)
Zamzar (browser, free)

Jing (iOS/Win, free)
Awesome Screenshot (Chrome/Firefox/Safari, free)

Additional Resources

Effective Presentation Technologies: PowerPoint Design and Beyond:  includes slides and information about using Flickr, animations and Infographics

Directions for Downloading, Clipping, and Converting Videos for PPT

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