Crossing Silos in Practice

These are slides and resources from the Crossing Silos in Practice discussion I facilitated at the 12/7/16 meeting of the Gurteen Knowledge Management NYC meetup group.


In this presentation I continued the discussion from the last meet-up on “Breaking Down Silos Through Working Outloud” presented by Joachim Stroh, Knowledge Management expert and Change Agent for social collaboration (also see Working Out Loud Fireside Chat video).  I shared specific examples of my work in the Instructional Technology Academic Computing department of IT.   And how these projects have crossed organizational boundaries to help foster connections between different departments and groups.


Presentation Resources and Links

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Resources and Links mentioned during and inspired by our Discussion

SlackOneTab webpage of academic use cases and resources for building community
Education Disruption (curated videos), Education Disruption (Flipboard)
Visual Sketch Notes (Flipboard)
Kristen’s Tumblr: This is the most dangerous time for our planet (Stephen Hawking)
Kristen’s Tumblr: The World Wide Web, AR, VR, and MR (Internet/Tech past & future)

My Bio

Kristen Treglia is a Senior Instructional Technologist at Fordham University. She develops a wide range of technology resources for Faculty, teaching them best practices in using technology-based teaching methods and materials. Kristen is an engaging speaker and enthusiastic organizer, marshaling resources dedicated to training and assisting Faculty. Over the past six years, Kristen has developed and implemented training curricula on a wide range of topics such as “Designing Effective Presentations,” “Fostering Discussions and Community” and “Collaborating on the Web: Transforming Teaching and Research in Higher Education.” She believes strongly in collaboration and sharing resources and is well versed in social media and web2.0 technologies. Her online slidedecks have totals approaching half a million views. Kristen has worked at Fordham University since 2008. Prior to working at the higher-ed level, she taught high school math for ten years.
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