Lecture at Fordham: Infographics

Lecture on Infographics co-sponsored by Fordham IT and the GSAS Futures lecture series at Fordham University on Tuesday 4/28/15 at Rose Hill.

Learn how to create and use Data Visualization in your research projects

An infographic is a powerful tool for communicating a complex, data-driven story. In this session, we’ll share strategies for creating infographics that can be used in your teaching and for presenting research in an accessible and memorable way. You’ll learn about different types of infographics and some easy tools for creating one of your own.

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics via NeoMam Studies (animated infographic)

Crash Course in Infographics (PDF) via Easel.ly

Framework and Process

The Five Keys to a Great Infographic via lynda.com (4:43)
The Anatomy of An Infographic:  5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual via SpyreStudios
Infographic Design Framework by Linda Misiura
See Also:  Visual Language in the Past, Present, Future by Linda Misiura
WTF Visualizations
Infographic Designs:  Overview, Examples, and Best Practices
8 Types of Infographics, Which is Right for You? via piktochart
Storyboard Templates

Design, Colors and Fonts

Elements of Design (tools to make art) and Principles of Design (how to use the tools to make art) via Paper Leaf
Colors and Fonts (PDF) Research info from Lynell Burmark via Kathy Schrock
Colour Psychology (Pinboard) via Web Yogi
The 10 Commandments of Color Theory and The 10 Commandments of Typography via Designmantic
Colour Contrast Check
Adobe Kuler
Additional Design Resources including Flickr and Icon links

Data and Charts

Choosing the Right Type of Data Chart via Digital Inspiration
Selecting the Right Chart Type for Your Data via Fusion Charts
IBM’s Many Eyes,  Google’s Public Data (click on “My Datasets” to create your own), StatSilk, Tableau (free license for students, also see resources on the public Tableau page)
Hohli Chart Builder, Creately, Gliffy

Create Infographics

3 Free PowerPoint Templates, also see Infographic by Ayman Sadiq for using PPT to create an infographic
Infographic Vectors on Freepik
Infoactive (paid with free trial)
Canva, How to Create Infographics (video tutorial)

Teaching with Infographics

Resources for Infographics as a Creative Asessment via Kathy Schrock
Teaching with Infographics: Places to Start via NYT Learning Blog
Infographic Rubric
Infographics via eLearning Examples


The 83 Best Infographics via CreativeBloq
55 Striking Data visualization and Infographic Poster Designs via InspirationFeed
Information Aesthetics
The Functional Art:  An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization
InfographicsNews Blog
Data Visualization and Infographics Resources via Smashing Magazine
Data Visualization:  Modern Approaches via Smashing Magazine
Infographics Scoop.it
Infographics Flickr Pool 
Chart Porn:  Data Visualizations You Just Gotta Love
Infographic Resumes

Additional Resources

Faculty Ed Tech PD wiki with slides and resources from workshops

Tech Trends in Education Wiki:  3D printing
Meeting notes Fall 2014 and Meeting notes Spring 2015 (note, you’ll need to be logged in with your Access IT ID to view)
Printing request form and Items in our queue

LearnIT:  Using Twitter to Develop Your PLN

Awesome Screenshot

Social Bookmarking

Visual Business Cards and Easy Website Creation:  Strikingly, About.me, and Weebly (for examples, here are the links to my pages:  Strikingly, About.me, and Weebly)

Polls and Surveys

AlternativeTo, also see this LifeHacker post on building your own Adobe Suite with free and cheap software

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