REA 2015 Pre-Conference Workshop: Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About the Social Web

The social web is more than just Facebook and Instagram. In this session, learn how to select and use different channels of the social web to improve your practice through professional development. By growing your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) you’ll inspire students and model online habits to empower them to take ownership of their use of the social web and foster life-long learners of the 21st Century.

Healthy Media Choices:
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Google Doc:  Crowdsourced Notes 
This document is editable online and can be downloaded by going to “File”, “Download” and selecting the format that you want.  If you are using Google Drive yourself, you can also make a copy of this document in your own account by going to “File” and “Make a copy…”
Handout Agenda & Sample Social Media Options, Handout PLN Map/Hashtag Bracketology
Activity 1:  Let’s get social!
Activity 2:  Who is part of your PLN?  (handout)
Activity 3:  Which hashtags/chats would be useful to participate in on Twitter?  (handout)

Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Personal Learning Networks (video) via @willrich45
Twitter is My Big Table (video) via Kristen

Social Media Options

Conversation Prism (High Resolution Versions)
Social Media Explained
What Do I Post Where?


5 Ways to Teach Using YouTube
5 Professors on YouTube Who Nailed Teaching Online
20 Great YouTube Features You Need to Know
How To:  Get the Most From YouTube Editor
Flipped Classroom Resources
Guidelines for Self-Filming/Audio Recording


12 Steps to Launch Your Podcast with Soundcloud
Creating Audio Resources
PodCasting and All That Jazz Blog


The Why and How of Using Facebook for Educators- No Need to Be Friends at All
Opening Facebook:  How to Use Facebook in the College Classroom
A Teacher’s Guide to Using Facebook


LinkedIn and the Growing Field of Teacher Networking
The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn
Your All Encompassing LinkedIn Research Guide


The Teacher’s Guide to Pinterest

The Old Reader
A Quick Start Guide for Educators
The Ultimate RSS Toolbox


Index to Educational Hashtags
Weekly Twitter Chats
22 Twitter Hashtags for Higher Education News via Education Dive
Who Wants to Play Hashtag Bracketology? via @plugsin
Why #Pencilchat is the Most Clever Education Allegory Ever via @good

Twitter Directories

10 Ed-Tech Voices to Follow on Twitter via EdTech Magazine
23 Most Influential Twitter Users in EdTech via Mediacore
50 Global Edu Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter via Online College
The Twitter Top 100: Education Technology Must-Follows via Open Sesame

Delicious (Social Bookmarking)

Social Media: Delicious via @kris10_

Additional PLN and Twitter Resources

Social Media: Twitter via @kris10_

Additional Resources

Faculty EdTech PD Wiki
Kristen’s Wiki
Kristen’s Weebly

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