Tools for Tasks

My colleague Lindsay Karp and I co-presented the following session at Campus Technology 2015.

Teachers, professors and eLearning professionals often create or deliver learning solutions without having a huge budget to purchase tools. Many of the best tools for creating and delivering effective and engaging content are actually free, learn about the many tools available to instructional designers, training managers and eLearning developers today.

There are an extensive amount of ed tech tools available to educators today thanks to the ubiquitous access to the internet. In this session, we will filter the large amounts of free tools available on the web and share with you some of the best practices in using these powerful tools.

Asynchronous Tools:

Choosing the right tool to create screencasts for creating content about procedural knowledge
Learning about the different options available to design effective presentations and understanding how to select the best option.
Understanding how different video editing tools work and finding the right choice to share engaging video content

Synchronous Tools:

Selecting the best video conferencing tool to effectively communicate virtually with students or collaborate with faculty
Choosing the right polling software to create engaging formative and summative feedback opportunities for students
Learning about different options available to participate in and monitor backchannel conversations

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